Nutrigenomics is an emerging field of scientific research that focuses on understanding the complex interactions between genetics, nutrition, and their impact on health outcomes

What is Nutrigenomics ?

Nutrigenomics is an emerging field of scientific research that studies the complex interactions between genetics, nutrition, and health outcomes. The aim of nutrigenomics is to explore how nutrients and bioactive compounds in the diet can interact with specific genes, either upregulating or downregulating their expression.

The main principle of nutrigenomics is that each individual has a unique genetic code that can influence their response to certain nutrients or dietary patterns. Variations in genes can affect how individuals absorb, metabolise, and utilise nutrients, as well as how they respond to different dietary factors.

The information gathered from the research of one’s genetic information is combined with dietary data to investigate how specific nutrients or dietary patterns interact with an individual's genetic profile to impact health and disease. The goal of nutrigenomics as a scientific research is to be able to understand how certain nutrients and dietary patterns affect gene expression and metabolism, in order to develop strategies for health optimisation, prevent disease and create targeted nutritional interventions.

How can Nutrigenomics help optimise health ?

There are different ways in which nutrigenomics can help optimise health..

Personalised Nutrition

Nutrigenomics is helpful in creating personalised dietary recommendations based on an individual's genetic code. By analysing genetic variations related to nutrient metabolism, practitioners are able to provide bespoke advice on individual nutrient requirements, food sensitivities, and optimal dietary recommendations.

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Nutrient Absorption

Genetic variations can have an impact on how individuals metabolise and absorb certain nutrients. Understanding these genetic variations can help identify individuals who may have increased need for specific nutrients or who may benefit from taking certain supplements. As an example, some people may have genetic variants that impact their ability to metabolise certain vitamins, such as folate or vitamin D, hence have a compromised absorption which may lead to deficiencies.

Disease Prevention

Nutrigenomics can help to find out genetic predispositions to certain diseases and help develop specific dietary strategies for disease prevention. For example, by analysing genetic variations associated with thyroid disease, specific personalised dietary interventions can be created to help reduce the risk factors specific to an individual's genetic profile, such as modifying the intake of certain nutrients or implementing specific dietary restrictions.

However, as well as being widely used by health practitioners for its highly promising health outcomes, nutrigenomics is a relatively new and evolving field of scientific research, and its applications in clinical practice are still being explored.

Nutrigemonics Testing

Nutrigenomics testing usually involves analysing an individual’s genetic material, such as DNA, to be able to recognise specific variations or SNPs in certain genes related to nutrition and metabolism. These genetic variations can influence how the body processes certain nutrients, as well as impact the risk of developing certain health conditions.
Nutrigenomics testing primary goal is to help optimise an individual’s health and well-being by lining up their diet with their genetic profile. Different factors like nutrient absorption, inflammation levels, detoxification capacity, and other genetic influences are taken into consideration to develop targeted health strategies for better health outcomes.
When considering nutrigenomics testing, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a registered nutritionist who has expertise in nutrigenomics. They can help through the process and ensure that accurate and meaningful results are obtained to provide personalized recommendations based on genetic profile.

Nutrigenomics packages

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Our focus involves offering a range of genetic testing options and reports for health analysis, covering areas such as thyroid function, hormones, methylation, and more. The choice of the most suitable report recommendation is contingent upon individual health goals and concerns.

Genetic testing procedures can be conducted using diverse sample types, including saliva or blood spots.


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